February at Oops a Daisy

It’s the start of a whole new month at Oops a Daisy HQ and we have lots of exciting plans! WHAT’S GOING ON? Our new product launch this month is called “Take a Break”, it will contain our new A4 journaling sticker kits, washi tape and stencils! We will be attending PALentines planner festival onContinue reading “February at Oops a Daisy”

Organising Your Stencil Collection!

In the early days of Oops a Daisy, our stencils were made of brightly coloured laminated card. This made identifying which stencil I was looking for really easy, but they weren’t very durable. The introduction of our #clearcut material was a game changer for Oops a Daisy. Our stencils are now more durable, easier toContinue reading “Organising Your Stencil Collection!”