Monthly Sub Theme Announcement: October 2023

It’s time to announce our upcoming theme for the Oops a Daisy Monthly Subscription! THE STATS: Payment Date: 1st October 2023 Shipping Date: 14th October 2023 Featured Month: December 2023 Themes: Festive, winter, seasonal. CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS: Payment will be taken for this box as per the information above. If you would like to pause orContinue reading “Monthly Sub Theme Announcement: October 2023”

Monthly One – November 23 (Dispatch September 23)

🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 This blog post contains all the details of our ‘Click It’ Box! About this month’s theme… A box stationery inspired by retro technology! Month of dispatch: September 2023 Featured month: November 2023 A little note if you’re new around here – Our monthly subscription is the perfect dose of happy mailContinue reading “Monthly One – November 23 (Dispatch September 23)”

Changes are coming – Oops a Daisy Subs 2024!

Why make changes? You know what they say… A change is as good as a rest! At Oops a Daisy we are always striving to improve and grow on what we have done before, taking guidance from you – our customers – in the form of surveys and on social media. 2023 has been aContinue reading “Changes are coming – Oops a Daisy Subs 2024!”

What’s Inside The Box? – Wild Journaling (September 23)

🚨 WARNING! This blog post contains spoilers to the ‘Wild Journaling’ Big One box… Proceed with caution if you have not received your box! 🚨 Are you ready to get WILD? Wild Journaling is all about journaling on the go. A planning style that fits in with your busy life. Put simply, it’s a journal thatContinue reading “What’s Inside The Box? – Wild Journaling (September 23)”

Hello from Jo! (Sept ’23 Update)

Hello you lovely lot! I feel like I have a LOT to update you all on as there has been so much going on at HQ over the past couple of weeks! Let’s get to it… Changes to our Subscriptions Today we have dispatched the Wild Journaling quarterly subscription box, along with all the pre-orderedContinue reading “Hello from Jo! (Sept ’23 Update)”

New Product Range – Let It Snow!

Yes, we know it’s not even Halloween yet, but we know some of you love to get planning for the festive season super early! This year, rather than collate a themed box of surprise items, we’ve really gone to town with the range of items we’ve created… There are almost 40 different products, meaning youContinue reading “New Product Range – Let It Snow!”

September at Oops a Daisy

It’s the start of a whole new month at Oops a Daisy HQ and we have lots of exciting plans! SEPTEMBER JOURNAL SET-UP It’s bananas… B.A.N.A.N.A.S! Catch the premiere of Jo’s September set-up at 6pm on Thursday 31st August. Follow us on YouTube now! WHAT’S NEW THIS MONTH? This month is a big one… TheContinue reading “September at Oops a Daisy”

Wild Journaling – Sneak Peek 3

With just 1 week left to go before our Wild Journaling box is dispatched it’s time to share our final sneak peek! In total we will be sharing three cryptic images of items from the box, you can see the others here. CLUE: We have received a LOT of requests to include this with ourContinue reading “Wild Journaling – Sneak Peek 3”

The Oops a Daisy Storage Tote

It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!! The Oops a Daisy Storage Tote has been a long time coming and it does not disappoint. The Bag The Outer Bag: (35 x 28 x 20 cm approx) Comprised from high quality charcoal coloured polyester with purple contrasting details (such as zips, edging and straps). It has the OopsContinue reading “The Oops a Daisy Storage Tote”

Wild Journaling – Sneak Peek 2

With less than 2 weeks left to go before our Wild Journaling box is dispatched it’s time to share some sneaky peeks! In total we will be sharing three cryptic images of items from the box, you can see the others here. CLUE: Our second picture is a close up look at an absolute fanContinue reading “Wild Journaling – Sneak Peek 2”