Journal Stencil Directory

Here you can take a look at all of our Bullet Journal stencils – past and present! Use the search box to search by keyword, or filter by stencil type, subscription box or status!

Where possible, we have included additional resources such as spread photos, tutorials and videos to help you get the most out of your stencil collection.

You can also follow the links below to learn more about our stencils, as well as download a free stencil checklist to help you keep track of your collection.


Stencil Identification Code (SIC)

Each stencil has a unique Stencil Identification Code (SIC) to help you identify each stencil and keep track of your collection. This code can be found under “Summary” in the directory above, on the product listing in the store, and on the downloadable checklist.

The SIC is made up of a letter and a number. In most cases, the letter will indicate the size/type of stencil:

  • C – Classic A5 Stencil
  • SE – Super Easy Stencil
  • SEQ – Super Easy Quote Stencil
  • P – Pocket Stencil
  • F – Font Stencil (A5)
  • PF – Pocket Font Stencil
  • M – Miscellaneous (shaped) stencil
  • DD – Daisy Doodles Kids B5 Stencil

The following letters indicate the origin of the stencils:

  • BO – Big One subscription box
  • MO – Mini One subscription box
  • MOP – Mini One Plus subscription
  • FO – Festive & Advent One Christmas boxes
  • R – Retired and/or limited edition
  • VIP – VIP only stencils