Everything you need to know about Oops a Daisy Stencils!

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Stencil FAQs

If you’re new to the world of journal stencils and want to know more, here are the answers to the most commonly asked stencil questions…

Why use stencils in your journal?

Stencils make setting up your journal pages super quick, with no need to count squares or use rulers! You can also use stencils to add fun and attractive design features to your page – No artistic talent required!

What kinds of stencils are there?

Over the years, we at Oops a Daisy have developed a unique range of different sized stencils for different purposes…

Classic A5 Stencils

  • 22cm x 12cm
  • Contain multiple different elements which can be used in all size journals

Super Easy Stencils

  • A5: 20.3cm x 14cm
  • B5: 24.5cm x 16.8 cm
  • Designed to be traced entirely to create journal spreads quickly and easily

Pocket Stencils

  • 13cm x 9.5cm
  • Can be stored inside the back pocket of a standard A5 journal

Font Stencils

  • A5: 20.3 x 14cm
  • Pocket: 13 x 9.5 (Same as Pocket)
  • Contain upper or lower case alphabets, numbers and symbols

What is a Stencil Identification Code?

Each stencil has a unique Stencil Identification Code (SIC) to help you identify each stencil and keep track of your collection. This code can be found under “Summary” in the directory above, on the product listing in the store, and on the downloadable checklist.

The SIC is made up of a letter and a number. In most cases, the letter will indicate the size/type of stencil:

  • C – Classic A5 Stencil
  • SE – Super Easy Stencil
  • SEQ – Super Easy Quote Stencil
  • P – Pocket Stencil
  • F – Font Stencil (A5)
  • PF – Pocket Font Stencil
  • M – Miscellaneous (shaped) stencil

The following letters indicate the origin of the stencils:

  • BO – Big One subscription box
  • MO – Mini One subscription box
  • MOP – Mini One Plus subscription
  • FO – Festive & Advent One Christmas boxes
  • R – Retired and/or limited edition
  • VIP – VIP only stencils
  • DD – Daisy Doodles Kids B5 Stencil

Stencil Directory!

We have created a free online resource that contains the details of all of our stencils PAST and PRESENT!

Our stencil directory is now an interactive google spreadsheet! You can search the directory and filter by shape, origin, year etc.

We have included a checklist column so you can save a copy to print at home or use as an online checklist!

How do I use stencils?

How you use the stencil will depend on the stencil, and how you want your page to look. Our Classic A5 stencils contain different elements which you can repeat throughout your pages, but our Super Easy Stencils are designed so that you can trace the entire thing onto your page to create a quick spread.

We recommend using a fineliner pen, such as the Staedtler Pigment Liner, (no bigger than 0.3 thickness) to draw around the stencils. If you’re not sure on placement, use a pencil first before committing to pen.

Hold down the stencil with your non dominant hand and gently trace around the shapes. If you find it hard to hold still, then a small piece of Blue tac or Washi tape can help keep it steady. Pushing too hard with your pen/pencil can also cause the shapes to bend as you draw – Better to go slow and gently!

What are Oops a Daisy stencils made from?

After a huge amount of research and product trials, we found a material that meets all of our stencil needs. We call this our ‘ClearCut’ material.

ClearCut Material

  • Made of frosted polypropylene
  • Lightweight and flexible – Less damage to your pens than rigid plastic or metal stencils.
  • Transparent – Allowing easier positioning on your page
  • Recyclable – Making our manufacturing a more eco-friendly process
  • All of our stencils are now available in ClearCut.

Note: Before 2021, our Classic A5 stencils were made of a laminated card material, which came in different colours. We retired this material as it was not as hard-wearing as we liked and we find the ClearCut stencils to be much better all round. Some images on the website may still show stencils in the previous laminated style, however these are no longer available to purchase and are for illustration purposes only.

What is the “punch style”?

All of our Classic A5 sized stencils are available with three types of punch:

1) Unpunched

Our default stencil style, the unpunched stencil has no holes and is designed to simply be tucked inside your A5 (or B5) journal, or kept inside a storage tin.

2) Punched for 6-Ring Binder

This style of punch is suitable for storing in an A5 Filofax type folder, or the Oops a Daisy Stencil Storage Folder.

3) Punched for Discbound

This style will fit inside a discbound planner such as the Erin Condren, Happy Planner or Arc Notebook.

All three of these options are available to choose when you purchase your stencils – Simply choose from the dropdown box before checkout.

How can I store my stencils?

The type of storage you will chose depends on the types of stencils in your collection. Visit our blog post to learn more or shop our storage items here.

Can you make me a bespoke stencil?

Unfortunately, no. The time it takes us to design and produce a new stencil means it is not financially viable to us to make one-off stencils.

We do, however, often ask members of our community for suggestions and themes they would like to see on upcoming products. Find out how you can get involved here.

Other questions…

We hope that we have answered all of your questions above, but if you do have any further questions please get in touch!