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PLUS: There are several other ways for you to get involved with the Oops a Daisy Community!

The Bullet Journal Squad is a fab and friendly Facebook group. It is a great place to share ideas, gain inspiration and discuss journaling with a bunch of super friendly peeps!

Our VIP Squad is an exclusive members only group, hosted by Patreon. There are tonnes of benefits to being a member including our monthly journaling masterclasss and an exclusive discount code for the Oops a Daisy Webshop.

If you are new to journaling, or want to LEVEL UP your journaling game, then come join our 7 Day Masterclass! It’s absolutely free to join, every day for a whole week you will receive tips, videos and projects covering the basics of journaling, direct to your inbox.

But there’s more…

Jo from Oops a Daisy also does a LIVE #PlanWithMe session, most weeks on our Facebook page.

The #PlanWithMe normally takes place at 12pm (UK) on Sundays, but for an up to date schedule of LIVE streams and product releases, hop to our instagram page and check out the WHATS ON highlight.

You will also find a tonne of journaling tips and tricks on all of our social media pages.

Now what are you waiting for….GO FOLLOW US!

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