Meet the team!

Oops a Daisy is based in Essex UK. Founded by Jo, originally a Veterinary Nurse by trade, who is now lucky enough to work along side both family and friends, while building her stationery empire!

Freckle – CEO

We start our team intro’s with our most important team member, Freckle…

Freckle is our CEO, (Canine Executive Officer), having taken over the role from Daisy dog, our company mascot who sadly passed away in 2021.

On her daysΒ in the office she requires a constant stream of cucumber and Snuggies…

Jo – Founder

Jo is an ideas girl, she can’t stop coming up with new mad schemes. The team audibly sigh when she says “So, I’ve been thinking….”

She also designs all the stencils, runs the social media and plans the new launches.

Fun fact, Jo has two blue Peter badges, a Blue and a Green! Find out more about the origins of Oops a Daisy here.

Kate – Designer

Kate and Jo met when they both worked in veterinary practice and bonded over a love of animals and stationery!

She designs everything non-stencil related, including Washi tape, stickers, and notepads. She loves adding eyebrows to inanimate objects!

You may also know Kate as ‘Snail Scribbles’, named after her pet African Land Snails! You can check out some of her awesome designs on her Instagram page here.

Jordan – Stencil Manufacture

Jordan is Jo’s brother, who got pulled into the business when things got super busy in 2020!

Jordan is now in charge of all stencil manufacture and also has a hand in packing your subscription boxes.

Jordan is a life long supporter of West Ham United and is an old school movie buff.

Tracy – Office Manager

Tracy is one of Jo’s oldest friends, they even shared a house for a while!

She now lives with her partner and son, along with their bearded dragon “Alan”.

Tracy ‘s main jobs are packing orders, replying to emails and generally making sure everything runs smoothly!