Do you ever think…?

“I want to journal but I’m just not sure I have the time!”
“I get frustrated because sometimes I feel super creative and other months I lose my mojo!”
“I get bored with my journal and want to change things up!”
“I wish I could store my stickers and stencils inside my journal for easier access!”

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then don’t worry!

Introducing… The Oops a Daisy Hybrid Planner!

One planner with a multitude of variations!
Switch out the dashboard to change the look!
Add inserts to customise to your needs!
Use for planning, storage, or both!

Let’s Build Your Planner in just 4 Steps!

A high quality, flexible, transparent 6-ring binder, branded with the Oops a Daisy logo.

We have 5 colours to choose from: Purple, pink, blue, green and orange.

The flexible way to give your planner personality.

Our dashboards have a design on the front and a handy pocket on the back!

Organise your planner your way with dividers!

Co-ordinating 6-part dividers, with perfectly sized tabs to fit our journal header stickers!

All of our inserts are printed onto uncoated 120gsm paper and provided punched to fit into our binders.

Decorate to suit your mood, or use just as they are when life is just too hectic!

Bundle and Save!

All of our hybrid planner items are available separately, but for maximum value you can bundle and save!

We have two bundles available – The Planner Bundle and the Storage Bundle:


How big is the Hybrid Planner?

The ring binder is approximately 18 x 23cm and holds A5 sized pages (14.8 x 21cm).

How many pages do they hold?

This really depend on the thickness of the items you are storing, but it will hold approximately 100 sheets of 120gsm paper, plus a dashboard and dividers, or 20-30 stencils.

Can I print my own inserts at home?

All of our existing journal printables can be printed onto A5 paper to fit the planner. They will require a standard 6-ring hole punch (compatible with Filofax and most other 6-ring planners).

Will you have Sunday start calendars?

Not at this time, however this is a situation that we monitor closely. At present, the vast majority of our customers prefer a Monday start calendar so unfortunately it is not viable for us to make both options.