Organising your stencil collection!

So, you’ve got your stencils in a big old pile, and now it takes you forever to find which one you need!

Don’t worry, we have the solution for all your organisational needs!

Take a look at our YouTube video below for a quick overview on how to organise your stencil collection. All of the resources I have used are explained in more detail below!

4 Steps to an organised collection!

1. Download our checklists:

We have created handy printable checklists for all of our stencil types. Each includes the Stencil Identification Number.

Use these checklists to organise your stencils into categories – Perhaps by size, then, if necessary, by origin (i.e. pocket stencils from the shop + pocket stencils from the Mini One subscription box!)

2. Decide on the storage method:

Classic and A5 font stencils can all be provided hole punched. This means you can store them inside our stencil organisation ring binder.

Our Super Easy (A5 + B5) and pocket stencils cannot be punched for a 6 ring folder as there is not enough room along with the design, but don’t panic!

You can use our single hole punch and organisation rings, or our storage folders, or a combination of both, as I have in the video above!

3. Now catalogue your collection!

Using our stencil organisation stickers, I created collections of 20 stencils at a time, adding a coloured sticker to the corner of the stencil, and the stencil name to the corresponding number on the large index sticker.

Once 20 had been catalogued, I added them to a ring binder or folder and adhered the large index sticker to the back.

Now I can look quickly at the folder/ring binder to see what is inside!

4. The most important step…

The forth, and most important step is to put back your stencils after use! It’s easiest to do this little and often, rather than waiting for it all to be a big mess!

You now have a long term organisation solution!