5 Questions To Answer BEFORE You Set Up Your Next Journal

Regardless of whether you’re setting up your very first journal or your hundredth, the start of a new journal is a great time to evaluate your journaling why, what, when, where, and hows! In my opinion, the biggest benefit of journaling over a pre-printed planner is the ability for it to evolve and adapt toContinue reading “5 Questions To Answer BEFORE You Set Up Your Next Journal”

November at Oops a Daisy

Hey all! If you have been following along on social media you will know this time of year is CRAZY for us at OAD. We have had a few curve balls thrown our way so we are having to rearrange our launches and dispatches slightly to account for this. There are 5 big things happeningContinue reading “November at Oops a Daisy”

My Essential Journaling Supplies

Before we get started, I would like to preface this blog post with a very important statement: You absolutely and categorically do not need a tonne of journaling supplies to start a journal! All you actually need is some form of notebook and a pen or pencil. The “more is more” approach is heavily promotedContinue reading “My Essential Journaling Supplies”

2024 Planning Launch

Strap in because this is a BIG one…. We have stencils, stickers, planner binders, planner inserts, wirebound planners, and even a planner charm! Included below are all of the images and prices for the items within our last big launch of 2024. If I have missed any details please pop your questions in the commentsContinue reading “2024 Planning Launch”

Monthly One – December 23 (Dispatch October 23)

🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 This blog post contains all the details of our ‘Christmas Tree Lane’ Box! About this month’s theme… A super cute winter theme that co-ordinates perfectly with the colours of our “Let It Snow” range! Month of dispatch: October 2023 Featured month: December 2023 A little note if you’re new around hereContinue reading “Monthly One – December 23 (Dispatch October 23)”

A-Z of the Bullet Journal

When you first start journaling you are immersed into a whole new world. Words like “Migrate”, “Spread” and “BuJo” are thrown around and you may be forgiven to think people are talking in a whole new language! Below I have created a handy A-Z list of terms that you might need to know as youContinue reading “A-Z of the Bullet Journal”

Monthly Sub Theme: November 2023

It’s time to announce our upcoming theme for the Oops a Daisy Monthly Subscription! Our first box of 2024 is Tsuru! In Japanese folklore, the crane (or Tsuru) is a strong majestic bird that mates for life and is said to live for a thousand years. It symbolises honour, good fortune, loyalty, and longevity. TheseContinue reading “Monthly Sub Theme: November 2023”

Are you ready to BECOME?

Introducing our next Big One theme due for dispatch on 1st December 2023! ‘Become’ is all about taking small steps to create big change, perfect for the start of a new year! What’s it all about? This quarter our focus is all about making small, consistent steps to create BIG CHANGE. This box is theContinue reading “Are you ready to BECOME?”