7 Days of Self-Care – Challenge Hub

Welcome to the 2023 Self-Care challenge! We hope you are all excited to get stuck in with a week of self-care.



The prompts will go live at 6pm on the evening before. For more details view the details below.

How it will work?

This post will act as our journal hub and be pinned to the top of our blog page for the duration of the challenge. This is where you will find all the daily activities, prompts, and resources!

Each day we will publish a blog post containing all the information for the following day’s self-care activity and journal prompt. To keep things simple these blog posts will not be shown on our main blog page, but will be linked via the daily prompt images below.

The daily blog posts will go live at 6pm on the previous night, (eg. Day 2 prompt will be published at 6pm on Day 1), to give you a chance to read through and prepare in advance!

We will also send out a brief email each day to remind you, so please make sure you have added happymail@oopsadaisyuk.com to your email contacts!

Join the Community

Our super friendly Facebook community is a great place to get support throughout the challenge and share your journal spreads. You can join here.

Share with a friend – Get yourself an accountability buddy!

What’s better than a week of self-care?

A week of self-care shared with a friend of course!

Your friend can be your accountability buddy – make sure you complete your activity every day and share how you felt afterwards!

Send this page link to a friend who deserves some self-care. (The link to sign up can be found at the bottom of the page!).

The Playlist

We have created a playlist that will be the soundtrack of this years challenge! Can you guess what the activities might be based on the songs…

7 Days of Self-Care 2023 Playlist!

  1. “Flowers” – Miley Cyrus
  2. “Pump It” – Black Eyed Peas
  3. “You Learn” – Alanis Morrisette
  4. “Vogue” – Madonna
  5. “Lady Marmalade” – Christina Aguilera, Lil’Kim, Mya, P!nk.
  6. “Raise Your Glass” – P!nk
  7. “Good As Hell” – Lizzo

Daily Prompts

Click on the images to learn more!

Day 1 – Friday 24th February

(post live at 6pm Thursday 23rd)

Day 2 – Saturday 25th February

(post live at 6pm Friday 24th)

Day 3 – Sunday 26th February

(post live at 6pm Saturday 25th)

Day 4 – Monday 27th February

(post live at 6pm Sunday 26th)

Day 5 – Tuesday 28th February

(post live at 6pm Monday 27th)

Day 6 – Wednesday 1st March

(post live at 6pm Tuesday 28th)

Day 7 – Thursday 2nd March

(post live at 6pm Wednesday 1st)

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3 thoughts on “7 Days of Self-Care – Challenge Hub

  1. Really looking forward to this! I have arranged to Skype with a fellow OAD buddy to keep me on track! See you at 6pm. Attending a craft day today.. so perfect for me to take my bullet journal and do a special cover cover page for this challenge.

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