Weekly Spreads

I tend to change the design and layout of my weekly spreads each week, depending on how much time I have and how creative I feel. This, for me, is one of the best parts of creating my own journal rather than using a pre-printed diary.

We have a huge range of stencils to help you set up your week, and each one will create a slightly different style of spread.

Here are a few different ideas for types of weekly spread you can try…

Vertical Week:

A two page spread with days of the week running vertically down one page, with habit tracker, to do list, social media logging etc. all on the other page.

Horizontal Week: 

Boxes for the days of the week run horizontally across both pages. With space for all the additional info above and below.

Hexagon Week:

he Hexagon spread is often given a honey bee theme due to its honeycomb like appearance. Get the hexagon & bee stencil here.

Hexagon Weekly

Heptagon Week:

The Heptagon is divided into 7 sections to represent the days of the week, the second page is used to house my to-do list etc. Get the Heptagon stencil here.

Photo 07-06-2018, 19 21 04
Heptagon Weekly Spread

Single Page:

A low detail overview of the week. More detail can be then placed into daily spreads.

One Page Weekly Spread

Dutch Door:

Dutch Door spreads involve cutting pages, and is a way of providing more space for each day whilst still having all the key weekly info visible. Read more about how to create Dutch Door spreads here.

Dutch Door Weekly Spread


On top of these basic layouts, there are some weeks where I go a bit wild with the layout! See some examples below.

Shop our range of weekly spread accessories:

Once you’ve got to grips with weekly spreads, you can decide whether or not use daily spreads. You may also find you need to create trackers for your habits, moods or goals. If you’ve happy with your planning, why not try getting a bit more creative? Check out our resources for more inspiration…