Future Logs

A Year at a Glance

The future log is a big part of the traditional Bullet Journal set up. There are various takes on the future log concept, but essentially it provides a place, normally at the front of your journal, to log important future dates which can then be added into your monthly or weekly spreads as you create them.

I keep my future log super simple so its easy to set up. To create it, I split each A5 page of my notebook vertically into two columns, with each section representing a month.

I place an Oops a Daisy Monthly Calendar Sticker at the top of each column for each month of the year.

Underneath the calendars, I add in birthdays and other dates that recur each year. Having them at the top of the column makes these dates easy to find when I need to move them forward to next years future log.

At the bottom of each column I add in dates that are particular to the year, such holidays, appointments, paydays, etc.

The final set up spans over 3 two-page spreads as shown below.

Future Log

Each month when I set up my monthly spreads, I refer back to my future log and add in the events for that month.

I created a “how to” video showing the future log set up below…

For me, the future log is a hugely important part of my journal, it allows me to ensure that important dates are remembered, so that I can concentrate on the month ahead rather than have to set up months and months in advance.

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