Daily Spreads

To Daily or Not to Daily?

As a rule, my journaling routine tends to comprise of Monthly and Weekly Spreads, along with collections and themed spreads around projects or hobbies I have. I don’t create a daily spread every day, however when I have a day in my home office with lots to do, I find that creating a daily spread first thing in the morning really helps me focus on what I need to get done.

How is my daily spread structured?

On the left hand side of the spread I list the “top 3” most important things I need to get done that day. Then I have the next 10 other jobs for the day, which I work on once my top 3 are complete. This helps me to prioritise the things I really need to get done and avoid procrastination!

On the right hand side of the spread I have a section for my agenda for the day, a meal plan and step count. I’ve also added a box to reflect on my daily gratitude.

Daily Spread

To build the structure of my page I use the Oops a Daisy Super Easy Daily Stencil and a Staedtler Pigment Liner (my favourite pen). Then I use my Zebra Mildliners or Tombow Dualtips to add some colour.

Watch a short video of my daily spread set up below.

The whole thing took less than ten minutes to set up and fill in – Ten minutes well spent in order to make my day as productive as possible! 

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