14 super smart ways to use printables in your journal!

Using planner printables is a great way to change things up in your journal. Check out our list of 14 ways to use printables in your journal.

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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Spreads

In an ideal world, it’s fab to be able to sit down and create your monthly, weekly or daily journal spreads by hand. Personalising to suit your needs is the fun of journaling.

There are however, some times where this just isn’t possible. Ironically, it is when life gets really busy that your journal is most needed!

1. Undated Printables

Our monthly, weekly and daily printables are undated so can be used again and again! Add doodles, colour, or Washi tape to match your printables to your theme.

Take a look at all of our journal spread printables here!

2. Dated Printables

Date specific printables, like these included with any of our monthly subscriptions, go one step further to creating a quick journal set up!

Make it yours…

Add doodles, colour, or Washi tape to help your printables blend into your journal and match your theme.

Patterned Paper

Did you know we have over 120 different patterned paper printables in our webshop?

Get access to all of our shop printables totally free of charge, by joining our VIP Squad from just Β£3 a month!

3. Scrapbook style decoration

Using patterned paper to decorate your journal spreads is a super quick way to add decoration.

Make a feature of the torn edge, or cut into block shapes.

Featured: Take a Break Printables and Sticker Kit.

4. Blocks of colour

Printable papers don’t always have to have crazy patterns. Some of our most popular printables are our colour co-ordinating dot-grid paper or paint effect downloads.

Use them in place of colouring by pen or pencil, or layer (as in the photo shown) to create depth.

Featured: Into The Wild Subscription Box.

5. Decorative Pockets

Tiny pockets can make the cutest addition to a journal spread. Use them to house notes and pictures or just as decoration.

Check out our “Smile File” tutorial here.

Featured: Pocket Full of Sunshine Subscription Box

6. Functional Pockets

Larger functional pockets can be super useful in your journal.

In this example we have created a pocket to house a calendar postcard.

Featured: Royal pattern printables and Washi tape.

7. Headers

Use patterned printables with our extra large fonts to create a really impactful header!


Flip the stencil and trace the letter onto the reverse side of the patterened paper to hide any evidence of pen/pencil marks when you add into your spread.

Featured: Untamed Subscription Box

8. Page Tabs

Use patterned paper to add co-ordinating page tabs to any journal spread!

We included this fab page tab stencil with our Marrakesh Subsription box… Drop us a comment below if you’d like to see us added to our permanent collection.

Featured: Marrakesh Subscription Box

Functional Trackers

9. Annual Trackers

An annual tracker like the one shown can be used for tracking mood, habits, weather, and health stats!


Add the tracker to your journal using Washi tape so that you can release the tape and move to your next journal rather than setting the whole thing up again!

Featured: 2023 Habit Tracker Printable

10. Monthly Habit Tracker

Our printable monthly habit trackers make quick work of journal set up!

Featured: Undated “Monthly Habit Tracker” and “October Circular Tracker” (exclusive to our monthly subscribers).

11. Miscellaneous Trackers

We have created a whole range of trackers to use for tracking sleep, gratitude and monthly tasks.

Take a look at all of our journal spread printables here!

Colouring Pages

12. Themed Habit Tracker/Colouring Page

Every month we create a habit tracker/colouring page to co-ordinate with our monthly subscription theme!

All of our subscribers get access to our digital bundle which includes this and other monthly printables, and our Daisy Says/Combo subscribers get physical copy of this included with their box.

Featured: Bite Me Monthly Subscription Box

13. Bingo Spreads

Our Bingo spreads are so much fun! Choose from a pre-filled or blank version, add colour and enjoy!

14. Cover Pages

Using a pre-drawn design is a great shortcut to a super cute cover page. Plus you get to spend some mindful time adding colour… Win-win!

Check out all of our colouring page designs here.

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We have three ways for you to get access to a huge range of digital resources for free!

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  • 2. Become a Quarterly Subscriber – Subscribe to our quarterly box and receive a bumper themed digital bundle to co-ordinate with the months theme.
  • 3. Join our VIP Membership – Become a VIP from just Β£3 a month and get FREE access to all of our shop printables.

Share below your favourite way to use printable resources in your journal!

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  1. When it said 14 I thought how on earth could you possibly use those printables in so many ways, but I’ve used every single one of them πŸ˜‚ thank you!

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