What’s Inside The Box? – Pocket Full of Sunshine (June 23)

🚨 WARNING! This blog post contains spoilers to the ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’ Big One box… Proceed with caution if you have not received your box! 🚨

Meet the Pocket Monsters!

Our mission this quarter was to create a box FULL of joy. Life can be stressful and it’s so important to find pockets of happiness wherever you can!

This box includes more individual elements, more digital content, and more virtual support than ever before!

Our subscribers get access to a bonus digital bundle that can be found in the Subscriber Shop, plus we have a whole schedule of video content to help showcase your new stationery!

PS. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, there is still time… Any new subscriptions before the end of June will receive ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’ as their first box (while stocks last!) Find out more here!

YouTube Schedule

In order to get the most out of your new box, we have created 5 weekly videos each focusing on a different element of your new stationery!

Each week, a new video will premiere at 7pm on our YouTube channel. We have created a special playlist where all the videos will remain in case you want to replay them all together!

What’s inside?

Before we go inside, let’s start with the box! Our little monsters are the star on the outside and they demand a selfie when your box arrives! Share it with the hashtag #OADHappyMail 💜

This box may be small, but it contains the most individual items ever included in a Big One:
A whopping 24 different items, not including the bonus digital bundle!

PS. You can see a full unboxing over on our YouTube channel.

A Pocket Full of Stencils

This shiny silver envelope contains four brand new pocket stencil designs, including a super popular Mini Font.

PS. we have left the silver pocket open so you can re-use it in your journal!

A Pocket Full of Habits

Our Little monsters are also the star of our habit tracking stickers!

Add a sticker to your journal when you complete a healthy habit!
(Or use for decoration if you prefer!)

A Pocket Full of Paper Craft

We couldn’t create a box full of pocket sized stationery without including some of our super popular pocket maker stencils!

We have included three different designs, along with 6 double sided sheets of patterned paper, perfect for adding to your journal spreads.

A Pocket Full of Paper Tools

This little wallet may be small but it is PACKED with useful tools for your journal. Can we also appreciate how blinking adorable the colour scheme is?!

The angled head tweezers are perfect for positioning our tiny habit tracker scissors. The scissors are fab for cutting out the pocket shapes from our scrapbook paper and, well, who doesn’t love a good pencil eraser?

Pocket Book of Sunshine and Journal Prompt Postcard

Our Sunshine postcard includes a bunch of journaling prompts to inspire some mindful moments in your journal.

The A6 pocket book includes room for lists, along with some super cute colouring pages. Pop the Pocket book of Sunshine into your bag for a moment of sunshine on the go!

PS. You’ll find digital copies of the pages from our pocket book in your digital bundle!

Pocket Monster Washi Tape

Our last item needs no introduction.

A super cute Washi tape, starring our pocket monsters in a vertical design! This is also one of the very first Washi tape designs that features our all new plastic free packaging.

Exclusive Subscriber Bonus Content

In addition to all of the physical items included in your ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine Box’, as a subscriber you also receive access to a bumper bundle of exclusive digital content.

This includes patterned paper printables, colouring pages, phone wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, and matching dot grid paper.

To download the bundle, visit our quarterly subscriber shop!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an active subscription and be logged into your account to access the subscriber shop.

Co-ordinating Items

We have a bunch of co-ordinating Items available to purchase in our exclusive Subscriber Shop!

This includes a range of stencils and a fab A4 Sticker Kit perfect for helping to set-up your monthly and weekly spreads.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an active subscription and be logged into your account to access the subscriber shop.

Not a subscriber?

You are seriously missing out! Our Big One subscription is just £29 a quarter, including UK P&P, with no minimum term you can cancel at any time.

All new subscribers before end of June 2023 will receive the “Pocket Full of Sunshine” box as their first delivery.*

Hop over to our quarterly sub page now to find out more!

*While stocks last.

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I live in Essex in the UK with my gaggle of furry friends including Daisy the dog. I have had lifetime passion/obsession for beautiful stationery and to do lists which has lead me to the wonderful world of Bullet journals. When I first starting bullet journaling it struck me the lack of UK based resources for journal accessories which lead me to create my own. I know have my very own webshop selling my hand made journal stencils and ship all over the world and am just as enthusiastic as I ever was about stationery and organisation!!

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