Rainbow Boxes – The Low Down!

Here at Oops a Daisy HQ If we had to list our absolute journaling must-haves, we would probably say:

1) A journal
2) A pen
3) Rainbow Boxes!

Whether you’re new to journaling or a seasoned pro, we think our Rainbow Boxes are one of the most useful journaling tools out there. (Yes, we may be biased, but hear us out…)

Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Rainbow Boxes?!

At Oops a Daisy we are known for our huge range of journaling stencils, and some of our most popular designs are the simplest – typically those which feature boxes to help create daily, weekly spreads, or monthly spreads.

So, in order to give you the most options and make your journaling process even easier, Jo challenged herself to create the most versatile set of stencils ever!

Each set of Rainbow Boxes contains 5 stencils, featuring boxes of various different sizes, along with a handy information booklet, all contained within a cute storage bag!

There are two different sets available, designed to be used with either an A5 or B5 dot grid journal. All the details about the sizes of the individual stencils can be found on the product listings.

How Do They Work??

We have done the maths so you don’t have to!

Maximum Compatibility: When we created the Rainbow Boxes we spent a huge amount of time calculating what dimensions the boxes needed to be for maximum compatibility. The specific sizes of the 5 boxes means that they can be combined in an infinite* number of ways to meet the needs of all of your journal spreads and layouts.

*OK, maybe not infinite but far too many for us to count!

Maximum Durability: Our Rainbow Boxes are made out of a slightly thicker stencil material to allow drawing of the long, straight lines without any wobble!

Information Booklet: We have helpfully compiled some of the most useful combinations into the information booklet included with our Rainbow boxes. The examples include daily spreads, weeklies, meal plans, future logs, to do lists, and much more!

Colour Coded: Each stencil within the set is colour coded to match up with the example spreads. Simply copy the diagram and trace the boxes into your journal – it’s that simple! Then you are free to add your own headings and decoration if you so wish!

Using the Rainbow Boxes each day/week/month will make your regular spread set up so much quicker, while the handy cheat guide can provide inspiration when you are stuck creatively! They really are invaluable.


Here are just some of the box configurations you can create with our rainbow boxes! This definitely isn’t every possibility for a single page and, when you consider mixing and matching these across a double page spread, the possibilities are endless!

Share Your Rainbow Box Spreads!

We know some of you are already firmly on the Rainbow Box bandwagon, so if you’ve created any spreads using them, we’d love to see them! Share your photos in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram @oopsadaisyuk, and we’ll share them in our stories!

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