How to Use Your Rainbow Boxes

The Oops a Daisy Rainbow Boxes are a SUPER USEFUL journaling tool. There are so many ways for you to utilise them in your journal… The only limit is your imagination!

We have created Rainbow Boxes for both A5 and B5 journals too, so you can create quick and easy spreads regardless of which size journal you have.

Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to use your handy new tool!

About Rainbow Boxes?

If you are stuck for inspiration with your weekly layout, or just want to be able to set up a wide range spreads super quickly, then our Rainbow Boxes are for you!

These sets of journal stencils have been designed to help you create an almost infinite number of journal spreads, by combining the boxes in a variety of different ways!

  • 5 individual colour-coded stencils
  • A5 and B5 versions
  • Instruction booklet with 30 example spread layouts
  • Stored within handy zip-up pouch

How to Use

Each Rainbow Box is labelled with a coloured sticker so you can easily tell them apart. The leaflet you receive with your Rainbow Boxes contains loads of example spreads which are colour coded for easy reference against the boxes themselves.

We have included a few example spreads in the graphics below, but we recommended keeping your leaflet somewhere safe so you can refer back to it in future.

1. Purple

The Purple box is the largest of the set and divides your page into 4 sections. The height of the Purple box is the same as the width of 2 of all the other boxes, so it’s great for combining with other boxes to create useful journal spreads.

2. Orange

The Orange box is tall and thin, enabling you to divide your page into 4 sections horizontally, or 3 sections vertically. When combined with the Pink box, you can create to-do lists with areas for headings or your top 3 tasks.

3. Green

The Green box can divide your page into 6 sections in 2 different ways (see graphic below). This can form a ‘week on a page’ spread if the last box is used for the weekend. When combined with the Pink box, it can create a weekly spread across 2 pages (with an extra box for notes).

4. Blue

When used horizontally, the Blue box divides the page into 8 (perfect for a one page weekly spread plus notes). When used vertically, you can fit 9 of these boxes onto 1 page. This creates a really versatile layout for a bingo-style spread, bucket list, cleaning tracker (E.g. one box for each room) etc.

5. Pink

The Pink box is the smallest of the set and is super useful when combined with the other boxes to create header areas, top 3 lists, spaces to doodle, etc. Used on its own it divides the page into 12 sections, which is handy for creating a bingo-style checklist spread.

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