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A5 Rainbow Boxes – Journal Stencil Set

(15 customer reviews)

£14.00 (£11.67 Exc. VAT)

This set of stencils has been designed to help you create an almost infinite number of journal spreads, by combining the boxes in a variety of different ways!


The set comes inside its own zip-up pouch, complete with a helpful instruction booklet, and each stencil is colour coded to help you create some of our favourite spread layouts – but the possibilities are endless!


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If you are stuck for inspiration with your weekly layout, or just want to be able to set up a wide range spreads super quickly, then our Rainbow Boxes are for you!

This set of journal stencils has been designed to help you create an almost infinite number of journal spreads, by combining the boxes in a variety of different ways!

The set includes 5 individual stencils, each colour coded with a sticker to match one of the colours from the Oops a Daisy rainbow.

Each Rainbow Box kit includes a helpful instruction booklet, which gives 30 example layouts, all colour-coded to match the stencils. Using the guide book as a starting point, you can create an endless number of journal layouts.

Our Rainbow Boxes and guide are all stored within their own own zip-up pouch, to create the ULTIMATE flexible journaling kit, ready to carry with you on the go!

PLEASE NOTE. This set has been sized to co-ordinate with an A5 journal. For our B5 version click here.

The boxes within this A5 set are the following sizes:

  • Purple Box – 6 x 9cm
  • Yellow Box – 4 x 13cm
  • Green Box – 4 x 8.5cm
  • Blue Box – 4 x 6cm
  • Pink Box – 4 x 4cm

FYI. The stencils within this set are made from a heavier duty stencil material when compared to the regular #ClearCut material. This is to allow for the long straight lines of the boxes.


All of our stencils fall into one of the following categories: Classic, Super Easy, Super Easy Quote, Pocket, Font, Pocket Font and Miscellaneous!

Find out more by visiting our dedicated resource: “Everything you need to know about Oops a Daisy Stencils!!”

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Our miscellaneous stencils include bookmarks, pocket guides and stencils of all shapes and sizes, basically anything that doesn’t fit into one of our 6 main categories!

Please see the gallery image for the sizing of the individual stencil and its elements.

PLEASE NOTE: Our miscellaneous stencils often have designs which go right to the edge of the stencil, so hole punching is not possible.


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A4 Storage Wallet

You can also use our specially designed Stencil Organisation Stickers to catalogue your collection.

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15 reviews for A5 Rainbow Boxes – Journal Stencil Set

  1. Christine Granelli (verified owner)

  2. Emma (verified owner)

    These boxes have been taken to work to help me organise my work notebooks. I love the booklet that comes with them to give me ideas on how to lay out the pages. I think this was maybe a little expensive.

  3. Emma Soar (verified owner)

    I already had the B5 rainbow boxes and they’re brilliant and so easy to use so I wanted to add the A5 to my collection.

  4. Faye (verified owner)

    A game changer. These are going to make setting up my spreads easy!

  5. Ana (verified owner)

    Such a good concept

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’m sure i’ll find lots of ways to use these.

  7. Jane Eastman (verified owner)

  8. Tammy B. (verified owner)

    These are just amazing, save so much time and you can quickly knock up any spread in seconds without the need to measure or get out rulers a total time saver.

  9. Clare A. (verified owner)

  10. Sarah Matheson (verified owner)

    So versatile and useful . Brilliant set. Love the bag and booklet too.

  11. Joanne Dixon-Jackson (verified owner)

    Rainbow Boxes are so handy for spreads.

  12. Carol P. (verified owner)

    Adore these

  13. Louise Rodgers (verified owner)

    These are amazing!!!! Genius idea!

  14. Kelly

    Love these as they are so versatile! Really love the cheat sheet that comes with it too!
    Can’t wait to use

  15. Angela (verified owner)

    Great idea, very useful, speeds up the page layout process.

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