When you look on line you will see so many beautiful examples of hand lettering by talented journalers. This can be so intimidating that you don’t want to pick up your pen at all!

Luckily there are lots of ways you can cheat to achieve great lettering… (Shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

First up… Stencils!

Below you can view all of our Oops a Daisy lettering stencils. This is the easiest way to incorporate a fancy font into your spreads without having to learn a difficult new skill!

Cheat Sheets!

This involves slightly more skill than stencils, but is still really easy and looks amazing! Here are some cheat sheets I created for adding lettering to your journal…

How to Create Faux Calligraphy

How to Create a Stripy Block Font

How to Create a Split Header

Created using: Skinny Alphabet Font Stencil

How to Create a Circle Header

Created using: Circles Stencil


Don’t forget stickers can also be an easy way to add different styles of lettering to your journal (and save you a ton of time).

Just remember…you can always fake it until you make it!