Stackable Subscriber Savings

As if Oops a Daisy subscriptions weren’t enough, we now have a brand new scheme to thank our Monthly, Quarterly and VIP Subscribers for their loyalty… Stackable Subscriber Savings!

Psst… If you’re new to the world of Oops a Daisy, you can click the buttons below to find out more about our individual subscriptions!

What are the discounts?

If you have an active subscription with Oops a Daisy for our Monthly or Quarterly journaling boxes, or our VIP membership, you will now receive an automatic discount on our BuJo Essentials range!

What’s even better is that the discounts stack, so if you have all three subscriptions you’re in for a mega saving!

How does it work?

All you need to do is make sure you are logged into your account and the discount will be automatically applied in a sequential fashion.

Let’s say you have a Quarterly ‘Big One’ subscription and are a Silver level VIP…

If you purchase a set of BuJo Basics Stickers (RRP £15.00), you will have the following discounts applied:

£15 x 5% Quarterly Subscriber discount = £14.25

and then…

£14.25 x 10% Silver VIP discount = £12.82

Meaning that you pay just £12.82, with no discount codes to remember!

What’s included?

We have created a shop category called “BuJo Essentials”, which contains a selection of items curated to make journal set-up a breeze. It includes our BuJo Basics stickers and Washi tape (designed to co-ordinate with our luxury journals) along with our stencil bestseller collections and our Journal Grid Guide!

Become a subscriber now from just £9 a month, join our VIP from just £3 a month!

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