Photopolymer Stamps

Oops a Daisy are super excited to create a range of photopolymer stamps designed specifically with journaling in mind!

What is a photopolymer stamp?

  • Photopolymer Stamps are made of a high-quality material and more durable over time than alternative materials such as acrylic.
  • It is clear, transparent, and shiny.
  • The design is raised on one surface.
  • Your stamp will be provided sandwiched between two clear acetate sheets.
  • The stamp design is printed on one of the acetate sheets so that you know where to put the stamp back. 
  • The stamp must be used with an acrylic block, a stamping block, or a stamping platform.

Mounting your stamp!

Your stamp should be mounted onto an acrylic block or similar before use. You can find ours here!

Position your stamp with the raised surface upwards, as shown below:

Top Tip! If you don’t have an acrylic block and are desperate to get started there are other items you can use at home! Try a clear CD case or a clear bottomed glass! Basically, you can use any surface that is dust-free, doesn’t bend and is flat!

How to apply ink to the stamps

Press the ink pad lightly and evenly to the entire surface of the stamp. Ensure you don’t over-ink or fine detail will be filled in.

Using your stamp

Care tips for your clear stamps

Storage of stamps

Store your stamps back on the printed acetate that it was supplied with. Keep them out of sunlight in a dry place.

How to clean your stamps after use

Clean your stamps in washing up liquid and water. You can use solvent cleaners, but some can attack plastics. If you want to use a stamp cleaning solvent to remove permanent ink staining use it quickly and do not leave your stamp standing in the solvent. You can prevent most inks from staining stamps by using either a clear watermark ink or Versafine clear ink on the stamp first to protect it.

If the stamp has lost is stickiness how to attach to a block for stamping

If cared for correctly your stamp will stay sticky for life. If it loses stickiness it should return if the back is washed in soap and water. Leaving it in sunlight can reduce the stickiness of the back. In which case you can sand the back.

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