10 Ways To Use Washi Tape

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If I’m completely honest, I hadn’t heard of Washi tape before I started Bullet Journaling. As soon as I explored Pinterest for BuJo inspiration the world of Washi tape came calling!

There are an infinite amount of Washi designs available, we have a fair few right here in the Oops a Daisy shop…but what do you use it for?

Here are my top 10 ways to incorporate Washi into your journal. I’d love to hear your top tips for how you use the magical stuff, drop me a comment below!

1. Decoration

Perhaps the most obvious way of incorporating Washi into your spreads is to use it for decoration.

Below you can see a Honey bee themed spread created with our Hexagon stencil. I’ve used a co-ordinating Washi tape to accent my design.

2. Page Finder – Page Edge

One great way to utilise the design element of Washi, while also making it useful, is to use it as a page finder. For key pages in my journal I add a strip of Washi folded over the edge of the right hand side of the page – that way I can see the design while the page is closed and quickly turn straight to it.

3. Page Finder – Tab

Another way to use Washi as a page finder is by creating a “tab” of Washi that sticks out of the side of the page. Again this allows you to quickly turn to the key pages/sections of your journal. In the picture below I used a tab of Washi to identify the start of each month

4. To Cover a Mistake!

This is one of the most useful ways of utilising Washi tape! If I have made a mistake on a page (like in the image below where I wrote the wrong text), I cover it up with some fabulous Washi tape!

As an extra tip – try covering the mistake with white-out tape first, it makes sure that you can’t see the original ink through the Washi tape.

In the example below I’ve used the Shelly the Snail Washi – available in the Oops a Daisy shop!

5. Functional Washi Designs!

There are a tonne of Washi tape designs available that as well as being pretty, also have a functional design!

One example, shown below, is the Days of the Week Washi tape. This can be used as decoration, or cut into pieces and used as headers for your weekly spreads.

6. Page Divider

Even decorative Washi tape can be used functionally in your spreads. Below I have used tape to divide the page and create a separate section for my social media statistics.

7. Scrapbooking

You can also use Washi tape to add mementos to your journal, scrapbook style!

In the image below I had added a concert ticket to my spread!

8. Inspire a Theme

Sometimes, a cute Washi tape gives you inspiration to base an entire theme around. The Bunting Washi tape shown below is echoed throughout the weekly spread.

I used the Banners and Bunting stencil from our Spring #LoveDaisy box to recreate the bunting from the Washi!

9. Washi tape storage

Once you start using Washi it can be a little addictive… you then need to find storage for your tape!

I have utilised an embroidery hoop to store my Washi tape. It keeps all the tape together in one place and I can easily still use them all while they are still on the hoop.

10. Washi Tape Swatch!

My final tip is to create a Bullet Journal spread dedicated to the lovely stuff! My Washi tape swatch spread is a Washi Washing Line!

Having a sample of all of my tapes in one place, means I can use it to refer to in order to select the correct tape for a spread.

So there you have my top ten ways to use Washi in your Bullet Journal!

Don’t forget to check out the range of Washi in our webshop.

Happy Journaling


I live in Essex in the UK with my gaggle of furry friends including Daisy the dog. I have had lifetime passion/obsession for beautiful stationery and to do lists which has lead me to the wonderful world of Bullet journals. When I first starting bullet journaling it struck me the lack of UK based resources for journal accessories which lead me to create my own. I know have my very own webshop selling my hand made journal stencils and ship all over the world and am just as enthusiastic as I ever was about stationery and organisation!!

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