Surviving Working From Home!

Many of us have to work from home from time to time, as a small business owner I have to do it very often. With everything going on at the moment surrounding COVID-19, it is something that I expect we will all be considering more over the coming weeks and months.

So, the big question is: How do you survive working from home, keep productive AND stop from going stir crazy?.. well I’ve put together a 4 phase approach.


It’s worth thinking about this early, as it’s very easy to plonk yourself on the sofa and crank open the laptop. The downsides of this approach are many:

  • Bad back…
  • No clear differentiation between the work day and your down time.
  • Will you be productive with Netflix so close at hand?

My advice is to create yourself a designated working from home space, if you are lucky you may have an office. If not then utilise a chair at a dining table or a makeshift table in the corner of your bedroom or living room.

Get yourself a decent chair if possible and good light to stop from straining your eyes.

Ideally this place will be separate to where you spend your downtime as it is good to physically “shut the door” on work in the evening.


Start and end your work day at the same time you would if you were in the office.

Get up and get dressed… I can’t stress this one enough as it’s one I’m guilty of myself. You will be in a much more productive state of mind out of your PJs

Take regular breaks, get outside and get some fresh air if you can… taking the dog for a walk is a good opportunity for this.


Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re a bullet journaler. This is where you come into your own! (If you’re not a journaler it’s time to check it out!)

Start and end your work day with your journal. If you don’t normally do a daily spread it may be time to make one.

Take a look at my daily spread set up below:

I like to identify my top 3 tasks for the day, so that I can make sure I get the most important things done.

By sitting down with my journal at the end of the day I can identify what I have achieved and what I need to do the next day.


This is so important. It’s easy to feel isolated when you are working at home alone.

Utilise technology to stay in touch…

  • Email
  • Skype
  • Text
  • Facetime
  • Conference Call
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Whatsapp
  • Carrier Pigeon
  • Morse Code… Ok I got carried away but you get the idea!

Schedule regular opportunities to catch up with your team / co workers, and if like me you run your business alone, take advantage of social media groups for entrepreneurs etc. There are tonnes out there if you go look.

Here is a spread I created for ways to stay in touch with loved ones who are self isolating, many of which are valid here!

I’d love to know your top tips for productive home working. Drop me a comment below or hop over to my Instagram and hit up the comments!

Stay safe, big love and happy journaling



I live in Essex in the UK with my gaggle of furry friends including Daisy the dog. I have had lifetime passion/obsession for beautiful stationery and to do lists which has lead me to the wonderful world of Bullet journals. When I first starting bullet journaling it struck me the lack of UK based resources for journal accessories which lead me to create my own. I know have my very own webshop selling my hand made journal stencils and ship all over the world and am just as enthusiastic as I ever was about stationery and organisation!!


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