Oops a Daisy – Super Easy Stencils

Our Super Easy stencils are the ultimate tool for quick journal set up, and are now available in both A5 and B5 compatible sizing.

Simply place the stencil on your journal page and trace the entire design… SUPER EASY!

Key Features

  • Made in our #ClearCut material comprising of frosted polypropylene.
  • Our Super Easy Stencils are available in two sizes:
    • A5 Super Easy Stencils: 14 x 20.3 cm.
    • B5 Super Easy Stencils: 24.5cm x 16.8 cm.
  • Designed to be placed on a page and traced in full, making spread set up SUPER EASY!
  • Super Easy stencils are unpunched, as the designs often go to the edge of the stencil.

How to Use

Place the stencil on the page, trace in full… Voila, a journal spread ready for you to decorate as you wish!

Take a look at our YouTube playlist which showcases some of our most popular designs, and check out our ‘Top Tips for Using Stencils in your Journal’ blog post, for more helpful info!

Storage + Organisation

Our Super Easy stencils can be stored in a number of ways:

Our Top 3

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