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Below you will find answers to all the most common questions about the Oops a Daisy Stencils!


Punch Style

By far the most common question we get about our stencils is “what punch style is best for me”.

All of our A5 Stencils are available with three types of punch:


1) Unpunched

Our default stencil style, the unpunched stencil is designed to be stored tucked inside your A5 (or B5) planner.


2) Punched for 6-Ring

This style of punch is suitable for storing in an A5 Filofax type folder, or the custom made Oops a Daisy Stencil Storage Folder.

3) Punched for Discbound

The final style of punch is specifically designed to fit inside a discbound planner such as the Erin Condren, Happy Planner or Arc Notebook.

What are Oops a Daisy stencils made of?

Oops a Daisy stencils are made of laminated card stock. They are designed to be durable and will proper care will last a long time.

The benefit of using a laminated card stencil over one made of plastic or metal is that they are much kinder to your precious pens! The are also lightweight so can be carried around with you inside of your journal.

What size are Oops a Daisy Stencils?

The majority of our stencil range are designed to be used with an A5 (or B5) planner. They tuck inside this type of planner easily and the tab at the top can be used as a bookmark/page finder.

The A5 stencil is 22cm x 12cm.

We do have a small range of stencils suitable for a Personal Filofax page and also an A6 size notebook. The sizes of these are shown below.

A6 Stencil: 14.5cm x 8.5cm (provided unpunched)

Personal Filofax Stencil: 17cm xx 9.5cm (punched for a personal Filofax)

Do you make bespoke designs?

The design time for each stencil is too long for us to make one off stencils, however many of our designs were created thanks to a request from our customers. If you have an idea for a stencil design please get in touch!

Other Questions:

We hope that we have answered all of your questions above. If you do have any further questions please get in touch!

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