Snail Scribbles

I am often asked if I can create colouring pages for your journals, so when I had the opportunity to work alongside the talented Kate from Snail Scribbles I jumped at the chance!

Kate from Snail Scribbles

Kate lives in Essex with her husband Nate, Robin the cat, Bruce the terrier and three giant land snails (hence the name “Snail Scribbles”).

You will notice that a lot of Kate’s designs feature animals; that is because she is not only an uber-talented illustrator and designer, but also a Veterinary Nurse just like me!

Kate is a fellow Bullet Journaler and jumped at the challenge of creating some exclusive A5 colouring pages just for us at Oops a Daisy.

Her designs are perfect for adding a bit of fun into your journal. She has created a range of designs, from cover pages, to habit and mood trackers and fun bingo spreads. Colouring is a fabulous mindfulness tool and one of my favourite ways to spend a rainy afternoon!

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