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Monthly Headers – Pocket Journal Stencils – Set of 4

(9 customer reviews)

£12.00 (£10.00 Exc. VAT)

This set contains 4 stencils featuring the months of the year, for quickly and neatly adding fun headings to your journal spreads.


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Hand designed stencils to help even the least creative get the most out of their journal by adding a simple design touch.

This set contains 4 stencils featuring all the months of the year, helping you to quickly and neatly add fun headings to your journal spreads.

Our Pocket Stencils are smaller than our Classic A5 Stencils but are still designed to be used with your A5 Journals. They are small enough to fit in the back pocket of your journal for the ultimate ‘journaling on the go’ tool! Each pocket stencil provides elements that can be used to design a huge range of spreads.

13cm x 9.5cm (will tuck inside an A5 Journal).


This stencil is made of our NEW #ClearCut material – introduced to our range in 2021.

  • Made of flexible frosted polypropylene
  • Lightweight,  flexible and durable
  • Less damaging to your pens than rigid plastic or metal stencils
  • Allows for easier tracing of more detailed and complex elements
  • Transparency allows for easier positioning on your page
  • Recyclable!

Read more about our different journal stencils on the Stencil FAQ page.


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9 reviews for Monthly Headers – Pocket Journal Stencils – Set of 4

  1. Shelley foster (verified owner)

    Love them x

  2. Hasina (verified owner)

  3. Lynsay (verified owner)

    Really cute stencils!

  4. Nicola W. (verified owner)

    love these designs

  5. Rebecca Bacon (verified owner)

  6. Lorna (verified owner)

  7. Alison (verified owner)

    They save a lot of time

  8. Julie Grey (verified owner)

  9. Jacqui T. (verified owner)

    I am using these to make the rest of the month title, using the large Initials as the first letter.

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