XX Daisy Washi Tape (purple)

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Washi Tape is a planners best friend… Whether you use it for a quick and easy way to add decoration to a page, a cover up for a mistake or a way to stick other items into your journal!

This exclusive design roll of Washi Tape is decorated with a gorgeous daisy pattern on a dark purple background.

Each extra long roll is 10m long by 15mm wide.

The tape is matte paper so can be written over if need be.

5 reviews for XX Daisy Washi Tape (purple)

  1. Alison Chelsea (verified owner)

    Love these flowers

  2. Grace (verified owner)

  3. Jacqui Wren (verified owner)

    Love the colour and design so much this is my second order.

  4. Jacqui Wren (verified owner)

  5. Alison Conlon (verified owner)

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