Snail Scribbles – Week on Page – Super Easy Journal Stencil

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A hand designed journal stencil to help even the least creative get the most out of their journal by adding a simple design touch.

This stencil was originally part of our Just Add Journal kit, but due to popular demand is now available to buy separately in our new #ClearCut format! This stencil helps you to create weekly spreads quickly and easily – simply lay the stencil on the page and trace all the elements!

The Super Easy Range are slightly larger than our standard A5 Stencils but are still designed to be used with your A5 Journals.

Instead of providing elements of your spread, the Super Easy Range are designed to be traced completely to quickly produce spreads that you will regularly use in your journal.

20.3cm x 14cm (will tuck inside an A5 Journal)

Colour may vary from that shown.

Our Stencils

This stencil is made of our NEW #ClearCut material – introduced to our range in 2021.

The #ClearCut stencils are made of flexible frosted polypropylene. The material is lightweight and flexible (important because this makes it less damaging to your pens than rigid plastic or metal stencils). It is durable, allowing finer points and design elements – so is ideally suited to font stencils.

The #ClearCut material provides the added benefit of being transparent, allowing easier positioning on your page.

The #ClearCut material is also recyclable, making our manufacture a more eco friendly process.


Stencils must all be same type e.g. classic, pocket or super-easy. Multibuy offers will be deducted automatically when qualifying products are added to the cart.

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