Using Your Bullet Journal For Reflection

A journal is a great tool for reflection and there are a couple of opportunities I routinely take to reflect.

Month End Review

The end of each month is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on your successes and challenges. It’s something I’m consciously trying to do more of in my journal.

My monthly review not only allows me to look at successes and challenges but also record the things I have been enjoying.

This reflection spread was created using the Month end reflection stencil. This stencil provides icons for the β€œI am currently…” section and also a β€œTraffic Light Review” where I look at what I want to stop, start and continue doing in the coming month.

Stop: What do I want to stop doing next month?

Start: What do I want to start doing next month?

Continue: What am I doing now that I want to continue forward into the next month?

I have also created a printable monthly review page that you can download, print off at home add in to your journal.

Month Review Printable

By completing this process at the end of each month, I’m hoping it will keep me more mindful of my goals and provide a great overview of the year as a whole.

Annual Reflection

Another great opportunity to reflect is the new year.

At the end of each year I love to look back and reflect on the good and the bad. This helps me to look forward at what I want to achieve in the coming 12 months.

To create these pages I used the New Year Goals Stencil. My reflection process starts by creating a timeline of the most memorable events of the year.


In order to avoid missing anything I flick back through my journal. This is a great chance to look back at all the lovely (and not so lovely) spreads I have created.

Once I have created the timeline I review the successes and challenges of the year.

Successes and Challenges

Looking at these challenges I think about my “traffic light review”:

Stop: What do I want to stop doing next year?

Start: What do I want to start doing next year?

Continue: What have I done this year that I want to continue forward into next year?

After this I think about what is the “one big thing” I want to make happen this year.

I have decorated this spread with some doodles, reflections and memories from the year.

I have also created a year in review printable worksheet which you can download, fill in, and stick in your journal to help you create your own End of Year Review!

I’d love to see your reflective spreads, if you are on Facebook join us in the Bullet Journal Squad group and share what you’ve been up to, or share your spreads on Instagram tagging us @oopsadaisyuk.