A5 Wire Bound Weight Loss Diary – WEIGHT WATCHERS – 8 Weeks or 12 Weeks




Our wire bound food diary’s are designed to be compatible with the slimming world programme.

Each diary is printed onto high quality 120gsm A5 paper and are wire bound. The front cover is personalised and laminated and each notebook is board backed with 400gsm white card for durability.

The diary is split into two sections. The intro and the weekly food logs. The aim is to first get you to think about why you want to lose weight and really set you up for success. It also provides a log of your weight and measurements and allows you to set achievable goals.

The diary can be provided in either 8 week (45 double sided pages) or 12 week (65 double sided pages).

The intro contains:

P1. Starting measurements
P2. My motivation
P3. Measurement log
P4. Weight loss goal
P5. Weight loss log
P6. Weight loss rewards
P7. Positivity page
P8. Top food list
P9. Recipe page
P10. Recipe page

Then each weekly section contains:

P11. Week intro
P12. Shopping list
P13-19. Daily log
P20. Weekly review.

The weekly section is repeated x8 or x12 depending on what option you select.

To get the most out of your diary, work your way through the intro setting goals, writing down favourite foods and recipes to try and reminding yourself why you want to do this!

When it comes to the weekly section, each week think about the days ahead and write down what challenges you will face, how you will move more and what you plan to eat. There is also a page to write down your weekly shopping list. Every day you can log your food and water intake and what exercise you did that day. At the end of every week you can log your weight change and reflect on how the week went.

Please let us know the name for personalisation in a message at the time of order.

The diary can also be provided as a PDF download (See separate listing).

Please note: although this diary is compatible with the weight watchers weight loss plan, we are not endorsed by weight watchers in any way.

Please also see our Slimming World Compatible and Calorie Counting Diaries.

Colours featured may vary slightly.

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8 Weeks, 12 Weeks


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