Oops a Daisy – Grid Guide

The Oops a Daisy Grid Guide has been designed to help make quick work of setting up your journal.

Each grid guide is 22.5cm wide and 7cm deep.

The Oops a Daisy Grid Guide is a multi functional tool:

⭐️ Find the centre point of your page quickly

⭐️ Divide the page into multiple sections using our box guide

⭐️ Use the quick count notches on the bottom edge to measure 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 grid spaces quickly.

⭐️ The edge of the grid guide is 14 grid spaces wide

⭐️ Use the top edge as a rule to draw straight lines.

It is available in two variations:

🌈 No spaces – where the box guide has the boxes back to back

.🌈 Spaced – where the boxes are spaced with a single grid space between.

Below you will find a selection of videos demonstrating how to get the most out of your Grid Guide!