Our First Quarterly Colour Palette

Want to make your stationery work harder? We hear you!

Each quarter we will have a colour scheme for all of our journaling subscriptions, allowing your new stationery to work together for maximum creativity!

January to March 2024 Colour Palette

Our aim is that, each quarter, the contents of all 4 of our subscription boxes (1 x Quarterly + 3 x Monthly) can be mixed and matched, whilst also working as standalone themes.

For example:

Big One (Quarterly) = Concept-led theme featuring all 5 colours from palette.
Monthly One (Month 1) = Standalone theme featuring colours 1 + 3
Monthly One (Month 2) = Standalone theme featuring colours 2 + 4 + 5
Monthly One (Month 3) = Standalone theme featuring colours 1 + 5

(Please note: This is just an example and not the actual colours that will used in the sub boxes)

Not Just Colours!

We also plan on utilising fonts across the quarter that work well together, meaning you get more use out of every item you receive from us!

What Does This Mean?

By sharing a colour scheme for the quarter you will be able to mix and match the items for maximum creativity. This also gives us more ability to offer add-on products that you will be able to utilise for a whole season!

See the images below for a sneak peek of our upcoming add-on products!

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