New Product Range – Movie Night!

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Jo has wanted to do a movie and TV themed range for YEARS, and it’s finally here! Our ‘Movie Night’ launch contains a whole host of products to help you create movie and TV themed journal spreads, all with a bit of a mid century modern “retro” vibe.

We are also releasing the next batch of Font Stencil Cheat Sheets (more info below!) PLUS, the Oops a Daisy Grid Guide will finally be available on our website!

Here’s when it all happens:

9am Sunday 23rd July – VIP Priority Access (access via the VIP Priority Access Shop)

6pm Sunday 23rd July – General Sale

We have tried to order enough stock to make sure everyone gets what they want, but we cannot guarantee availability, particularly for general sale. We may do re-stocks of certain items, depending on popularity, but these will take longer to arrive as we will have to re-order from the manufacturers.

About the range:

The ‘Movie Night’ range includes A4 Sticker Kits, Vinyl Stickers, Washi Tape and, of course, stencils! There are 7 stencils in total… Keep reading to find out more!

The Colour Palette:

We are super excited for this one, let’s take a look at what’s included!


We have 7 new stencil designs within the Movie Night range:

  1. Stevie The TV – Classic Stencil (C88): An Oops a Daisy launch wouldn’t be complete without a cute character… Introducing Stevie the TV! He’s the perfect size for creating a title page for your TV show trackers, or a monthly cover page.
  2. Movie Clapper Board – Class Stencil (C89): A classic icon of old Hollywood, this clapper board has space to write a title or the year – Great for tracking movies!
  3. Mid-Century Signage – Classic Stencil (C90): A last-minute addition to the collection – When Jo sat down to create her media tracker journal, she realised she needed some mid-century style decorations, so she got to work and this stencil was created! It contains 7 different shapes which can be combined in a variety of different ways to create retro looking headings in your journal.
  4. Media Review – Super Easy Stencil (SE33): This one has been a popular request, and we think it’s one of our most useful stencils ever! Designed to track movies, TV shows or even books, the large rectangle is also the same size as a HP Sprocket photo! Available in A5 and B5 sizes.
  5. Film Strip – Super Inky Stencil (SI008): Jo pondered over how to create a film strip stencil, as the holes along the edge would create a problem when cutting! She solved it by making a Super Inky stencil with 2 parts – Isn’t she clever??

Classic Stencils RRP £7.00 each. Super Easy Stencils RRP £7.50 (A5) £8.50 (B5). Super Inky Stencils RRP £8.00 each. All are included in our buy 5 get storage bag offer.

6 + 7. Movie Night Font – Upper Case (F58) & Lower Case (F59): We couldn’t do a launch without a new font, could we?? This retro font is reminiscent of drive-in movies and 1950s diners, and pairs perfectly with the rest of our Movie Night stencils.

Font Stencils RRP £8.00. All are included in our buy 5 get storage bag offer.

A4 Sticker Kits

We have 2 new sticker kits for you, one is TV themed and the other is movie focused, but both are fun, retro, and super useful too!

Our TV sheet contains 28 cute decorative stickers, including corner decorations, Washi strips, page tabs, and mini Stevies.

The movie sheet contains 30 stickers, including page tabs, decorations, and review stickers.

Each sheet is £5.50 – PLUS they will be included in our ‘buy 5 get 1 free’ offer!

Washi Tape

We have three new Washi tape designs!

  • Retro TV Washi Tape – W118
  • Popcorn Washi Tape – W119
  • Film Strip Washi Tape – W120

All three are 15mm wide and 10m length, and can be used both horizontally and vertically!

RRP £3.50. All included in our buy 5 get 1 free Washi Tape offer.

Vinyl Stickers

We have 2 new vinyl sticker designs as part of this launch:

  1. Stevie the TV
  2. ‘Spielberg’ the Movie Gonk

Stevie is approx. 70 x 70mm and Spielberg is approx. 70 x 90mm.

RRP £2.50. Both included in our buy 5 get 1 free sticker offer.

Font Stencil Cheat Sheets – Phase 2

As part of our ongoing project to create ‘Cheat Sheets’ for all of our A5 Font Stencils, phase 2 contains 13 new Cheat Sheets, from F11 up to F23. (Graffiti, Neon, Team Cat, Team Dog, Hobo, Fairground, Hygge, and Fairytale). These will all be available pre-printed, or as downloads for at-home printing.

The Grid Guide!

We launched the Grid Guide at StationeryFest in Manchester a few weeks ago, and it has also been on sale on our Amazon store, but now it will also be available to purchase from our website.

BONUS: If you are a Oops a Daisy Monthly, Quarterly or VIP subscriber you will be excited to hear that the Grid Guide will fall into our BuJo Essentials range meaning that your stackable subscriber discounts will apply!

Find out more about the Grid Guide here.

We really hope you love our Movie Night range as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see what you create with it!

Team OAD x

PS. Make sure you tune into our YouTube Channel on Thursday at 6pm for the premiere of our latest video… Jo finally gets to set up her Watch Book!

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