My Journaling Journey

Some of you may know me and some of you may not. Therefore a short presentation is in place. My name is Claire, I’m a 36-year-old mother of 6 kids aged from 11 to 2 years old. I own my own business where I create learning kits for teachers in kindergarten and preschool. My me-time and self-care is journaling, lettering, and watercolors.

I absolutely love stationery, and have since I was a little girl. The best part of going back to school after each summer break was the stationery shopping!Β 

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I discovered the Oops A Daisy community and the shop during the first lockdown back in 2020. During that time my anxiety peaked, and I knew that I had to do something about it. I also felt completely lost and overwhelmed at the same time, like so many of us during the pandemic. I did some research and found out that journaling could help you with your mental health so I bought my first journal as a late Christmas present to myself. Thanks to all those plan with me that Jo did and the BulletJournalSquad.

During this journey I have learned to take care of myself. I learned that self care isn’t selfish and that I couldn’t possibly take the best care of my kids if I didn’t take care of me at all. 

For my monthly spreads I started out small with easy monthly covers using the stencils, mostly re-creating spreads that Jo had already done. 

Today I use stencils for  super easy and quick monthly and weekly layouts, but also to add some decorations and lettering. The stencils takes away a whole lot of pressure and makes it super easy to set up cute and functional spreads in no time.

I use my journal for creative me time but also to write down appointments and write down memories.

So if you feel like you’re way in over your head there’s no need to. Be kind to yourself and know that the Bullet Journal Squad Community can always cheer you on and that the stationery from Oops A Daisy will only make it so much easier for you. I’d never would have thought that I’d be able to create spreads that aren’t an imitation, yet here I am after 3 years of creativity. Perfectly imperfect and embracing my mistakes.

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