June Monthly Theme – YOU DECIDE!

June 2023 is a very special month for Oops a Daisy – Our 50th Mini One subscription box! To celebrate this milestone, we’re letting you decide the theme!

If you were around in the early days of Oops a Daisy you will remember that we didn’t design our own Washi tape or stickers, (and we like to think that Jo’s stencil designs have improved too!) so we’d love to bring back one of our older themes and give it a glow-up!

Below you can vote for the theme you’d like to see for June 2023. Voting will close this Sunday 2nd April (to give us time to design the items!) and we will announce the winning theme on social media and via email.

(Also, if there are any other themes that we haven’t done before that you’d love to see for July and onwards, please leave your ideas in the comments!)

5 thoughts on “June Monthly Theme – YOU DECIDE!

  1. I like the afternoon tea idea πŸ‘πŸΌ picnic too. Would love sharks as a theme, and also sewing and quilting, inc patchwork & embroidery. Celebrations but with cheers beers, wine, and cocktails & stuff. And a bit random, but bins! Keep Britain Tidy type thing, but with tiny wheely bins to use as reminders. Also, a box with a daisy in the corner; two full sides, and two curtailed with a daisy. No idea how that would work practically sorry! But an actual Oops a Daisy theme with banana skins to slip on perhaps? xx

  2. Giraffes, donkeys, New York, mouse, dragonflies, skylines, monkey, rag dolls, make up, sweets, cakes, gateaus and cupcakes – afternoon tea 😁

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