7 Days of Self-Care – Day 4 – Vogue

Today’s Self-Care Activity

Strike a pose!

Search through your wardrobe and pull out an item of clothing that makes you happy! Maybe something bright and colourful, or something you were saving for a special occasion! It doesn’t have to be the whole outfit, it could just be a scarf or a bright lipstick. Remember the aim is to bring a little sunshine to your day. Now look at yourself in the mirror and SMILE!

Today’s Journaling Prompt

Create a style vision board.

For today’s journal prompt you will need some old magazines/newspapers to create a vision board!

1. Flick through the magazines and cut out pictures of people, text and things that inspire you creatively or stylistically! Don’t over think this too much this is all about going on instinct!

2. When you look at the collection of pictures in front of you, what word springs to mind? Write this on your journal page!

3. Create a collage around the word using the pictures you have collected.

Share your vision board in the Bullet Journal Squad community.

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