5 Functional Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Journal

Washi tape is a funny old thing. Prior to journaling I lived blissfully unaware that it even existed, but since discovering the brightly coloured tape it has become something of an obsession!

What is it?

Washi itself is a type of Japanese paper made from natural plant fibers, such as bamboo and rice plants. This gives the paper a specific texture and also means it is biodegradable.

Washi tape differs to masking tape, not only in the material in which it is made, but also the level of stickiness which allows it to be repositioned and leaves no residue.

What makes Washi of interest to the magpie-eyes of crafters and journalers, are the endless variety of designs that are now available. We know that it is decorative, but how can you use Washi tape functionally in your journal?

1. Colour Code the Page Edge

A really simple way to utilise Washi tape in your journal is to use it to mark the edge of a page you will return to time and time again. Perhaps all your habit tracking spreads have a particular tape design, and all your future log pages have another another.

How to do it:

Run the tap along the long edge of the page, with just half of the tape adhered. Fold over the edge so the tape is visible on both page edges.

2. Dutch Doors

If you are a fan of utilising Dutch Doors, Washi tape is great for marking the cut edge of the page. This gives it strength and adds decoration!

How to do it:

You can watch the set up of the Take a Break themed Vertical Dutch Door and Space Themed Horizontal Dutch Door set-up over on our YouTube channel!

3. Page Tabs

If you like to create tabs in your journal then Washi tape is the perfect tool for both! strengthening and decorating them.

How to do it:

You can either use the washi to make a tab to stick on the edge of the page, or decorate a dutch door tab made by cutting the edge of the page away.

Watch me create Washi Tabs on our YouTube channel.

4. Cover Mistakes

One of the best uses for Washi tape is to cover up an ‘Oops’ in your journal! Maybe you’ve messed up a header or miss written some information. Pop a bit of tape over it and no one ever needs to know!

Top Tip!

If you are using a light coloured Washi tape, cover your mistake with corrector tape, (before you add the Washi on top), for an invisible fix!

5. Lettering

This one can be a bit fiddly, but gives a very impressive effect with a little bit of time and care!

  1. Trace your wording in pencil (use a stencil to make it super easy!)
  2. Stick the Washi tape in strips to cover the whole letter.
  3. CAREFULLY cut away the excess using a craft knife!

Share your ideas!

We hope you have enjoyed learning about some functional ways you can use Washi tape in your journal! We’d love to know your favourite ways to use Washi, drop us your ideas in the comments below.

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