Already it’s Thursday…. National Stationery Week is going SO FAST!

Today’s post is going to be all about introducing journaling to the next generation…

There are so many reasons why I think journaling is a great skill to teach children. It encourages reflection, mindfulness, planning and productivity. It’s also bloody good fun!

The pandemic is causing us all so much worry and stress, it’s important for us all to have an outlet for our feelings. Children are no different, so this could be a really good time for them to begin the journaling process.

With all of that in mind we created Daisy Doodles and launched the My First Journal Kit back in March.

I am super excited to announce the launch of our first two add on kits, which each contain a stencil along with some journaling accessories and project worksheet.


Our first add on kit is all about scrapbooking. Buttercup (one member of our Daisy Doodles Gang) talks through two projects to introduce your child to the skill of scrapbooking.

The stencil included is full of shapes to frame the pictures and magazine cuttings in your scrapbook spread.

The kit also includes a variety of stickers along with a glue tape roller to easily (and without mess) add cuttings to your journal.

Take a look at the Scrapbook Kit here

Doodle Challenge Kit

Daisy from the Daisy Doodles Gang loves a doodle challenge, so she’s created 3 new challenges for your little ones to try!

The kit includes a stencil to quickly set up the page ready for a week of doodles, some rainbow coloured stickers to mark each box with a day and some rainbow chevron washi… well because washi!

Take a look at the Doodle Challenge Kit here!

Each kit is £7.50, but don’t forget there is a 25% discount code for all of #NatStatWeek! Use code 25NATSTAT at checkout to get your discount.

Doodles #PlanWithMe

Today also marks the release of our second Daisy Doodles plan with me video!

In this video I walk through projects 3 + 4 from the My First Journal Kit – setting up a weekly spread and creating my own superhero!

Have a great day and don’t forget to give us a shout out on Facebook or Instagram how you are getting creative today!

Big Love



I live in Essex in the UK with my gaggle of furry friends including Daisy the dog. I have had lifetime passion/obsession for beautiful stationery and to do lists which has lead me to the wonderful world of Bullet journals. When I first starting bullet journaling it struck me the lack of UK based resources for journal accessories which lead me to create my own. I know have my very own webshop selling my hand made journal stencils and ship all over the world and am just as enthusiastic as I ever was about stationery and organisation!!

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