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I am often asked for tips on how to get started with Bullet Journaling…

I have a tonne of blog posts that are helpful on this topic, but thought it would be good to collect all of the resources in one place… so this is it!

What Kit do I need?

The Basics –

  1. Notebook: I use an A5 dot-grid notebook

I would suggest picking up a cheap notebook to get started, play with it and see what you like and don’t like about it. Once you get a bit more experienced you can then invest in a more expensive book if you like… however any notebook will work so don’t feel pressured to do so!

My favourite brand is the Scribbles that Matter, It has a 5mm dot grid, handy markers on the centre of the page to allow you to design your pages easily and lovely thick 120gsm paper that prevents ghosting!

Why Dot Grid: You will often see the term “dot grid” being used to describe a style of notebook. This refers to the dotted page (instead of plain or lined pages) which Bullet Journalers tend to prefer. The Dot grid allows you to easily space items on your page, set up tables or write fonts without limiting the creativity of the page like a lined page might.

  • Pen

My Pen of choice is the Staedtler Fineliner – I have a pack with a selection of pen tip widths that allows me to change up the style of my font.

  • Ruler

I use our Multipurpose Ruler – It does everything a ruler should but has some simple shapes, a wavy edge and a protractor built in!

Journal Supplies

Adding Colour

You can journal just using the above but you might want to experiment with colour in your journal. The following are my personal preference!

  1. Tombow Dualtip Brush Pens Brush pen one end and fine tip the other. Available in a rainbow of colours available from brights to pastel, use for brush lettering, drop shadows and just about anything you wish!
  2. Zebra Mildliners Chisle tip one end and fine tip the other. Use for highlighting and all of the above, adding a more muted tones to your journal.
  3. Sakura Gelly Roll – White Gell Pen (for adding white details or the white on black style)
  4. Faber Castle Polychromos Coloured Pencils see my perfect pencil blog for why!!

Other Tools:

  1. Stencils…

Well duh! I love stencils, they make set up so simple, you can add design touches easily! The Oops a daisy stencils are made of a laminated card-stock so are durable, lightweight and gentle on your precious pens and pencils.

As you can see from our shop we have LOTS of designs available, but we have created a Beginners Bundle of our Super Easy stencils that is perfect for a beginner.

  • Washi Tape

Once you enter the world of journaling you will be quickly introduced to the mighty Washi Tape! A pretty patterned tape that can be used in your journal in a variety of different ways and is available in an infinite amount of patterns.

Check out our blog post all about how to use washi in your journal and then skip over to our washi tape shop!

  • Stickers

As above, stickers can be used to add design elements or functional elements to your journal. I use our monthly calendar tab stickers to navigate from month to month in my journal and our monthly stickers to set up my Future Log at the start of every new notebook.

Other Blog Posts that might be useful:

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I hope this has provided a useful resource, If I could give you one piece of advice it would be that there are no rules!

Your journal only has to work for you, if it helps you be more productive, or if you enjoy creating your pages and being mindful, these are the only things that matter!

Join our online community the Bullet Journal Squad for a fun supportive forum to discuss everything BuJo!

Big Love and Happy Journaling



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