Going Beyond The Basics

Fun fact, our founder Jo collected vintage Blue Peter annuals growing up…

…But this week we are looking at a different kind of collection. In the context of a Bullet Journal, a collection is a page (or group of pages) in your journal that are dedicated to a particular topic. i.e. Reading, Movies, Music, etc. This is where you get to really drill down into what makes your journal YOURS!

What Makes A Good Bullet Journal Collection? 52 Ideas To Try!

Books, films, plants, projects?

The list really is endless… We have a few suggestions that you might like to try!

6 Ways to Organise Your Bullet Journal Collections

Do you keep all your pages together and, if so, how do you know how many pages you will need?

Check out our top tips here!

7 Motivational Spreads For Your Weight Loss & Fitness Bullet Journal Collection

A new journal is the perfect time to mix up your health and fitness regime. Take a look at our top 7 spreads to include here!

YouTube Tutorial

Watch along as I set up my Social Media trackers in my new journal! We will chat all things collections and I’ll give you a peek at my journal setup so far!

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