Oops a Daisy – Font Stencils

Font stencils make quick work of headers and title pages. Simply changing the font can bring a whole new energy to a page!

We experimented with Font stencils in the early days of Oops a Daisy, but they really came into their own when we switched to our new #ClearCut material.

Key Features

  • Made in our #ClearCut material comprising of frosted polypropylene.
  • 2 stencil sizes:
    • A5 Font Stencils: 14 x 20.3 cm (Letters are approx. 2cm tall – our standard font height).
    • Pocket Font stencils: 9.5 x 13cm (Letter height varies from ‘Mini’ (1.5cm) ‘Large’ (5cm) and ‘XL’ (10cm)
  • A5 Font Stencils can be provided unpunched, punched for ring-bound storage or punched for disc-bound storage.
  • Pocket font stencils are unpunched, although some sets come attached to a ring in the corner.

How to Use

Our A5 Font stencils come complete with a row of ‘holes’ at the bottom to be added to the middles of appropriate letters. These are placed in alphabetical order on the stencil. Pocket Font stencils also have the holes alongside the appropriate letters.

Take a look at our YouTube playlist which showcases some of our most popular designs, and check out our ‘Top Tips for Using Stencils in your Journal’ blog post, for more helpful info!

Storage + Organisation

The A5 Font stencils can be stored in a number of ways:

The Pocket Font stencil can be stored and organised:

Our Top 3

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