Daisy Doodles!

Journaling for Juniors!

Journaling is SO MUCH FUN, it’s not fair that only grown ups get to play!

We are excited to introduce our range of kids’ journaling products to the next generation of journalers!

Learn more about the Daisy Doodles range using the buttons below, or go directly to the shop to browse. We also have some free printable worksheets to help your child get started!

Journals, project packs, accessories, and more – Just for kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can journaling help my child?

As with adults, journaling has many benefits such as developing creativity, improving organisation, and being more aware of emotions, as well as being a fun non-screen activity. We focus all of the Daisy Doodles products and activities around six concepts:

Thinking, Feeling, Imagining, Creating, Planning and Remembering

Children are encouraged to use their journals in these different ways by collecting Stickerdoodles.

What age is the Daisy Doodles range aimed at?

There is no exact age range for the Daisy Doodles products, but we have found the minimum age to be around six, with the upper end somewhere from early teens to young adults. (Some grown-ups have even been known to buy things for themselves…) You know your child best, so if your younger child is showing a keen interest, then there’s no reason they can’t get involved!

What if I have more than one child?

The majority of Daisy Doodles products are available to buy individually, so you can pick and choose what you want your children to share.

What do I need to get my child started with journaling?

All you really need to start journaling is a journal and a pen or pencil, but there are many things, such as stencils, washi tape, and stickers, which make it easier and more fun, especially for kids.

Our journals have been designed with young people in mind – The B5 size is slightly larger than A5 so they have more room to experiment, and the spiral binding means they lay perfectly flat for easier writing and drawing.

I have a question!

If you still have questions, feel free to drop us an email at orders@oopsadaisyuk.com.

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