Oops a Daisy – Classic Stencils

The “Classic” is the original Oops a Daisy stencil shape, created back in 2016 when Jo started the company in her spare room!

We have over 80 Classic designs in our shop, with over 100 limited edition designs previously available within our subscription boxes.

Are you ready to learn a little bit more about our Classic stencil?

Key Features

  • Made in our #ClearCut material comprising of frosted polypropylene.
  • Size: 22cm x 12cm.
  • Can be provided unpunched, punched for ring-bound storage or punched for disc-bound storage.
  • The tab at the top means they can be used as page markers in your journal.

How to Use

Our Classic stencils are designed to contain several components that can be put together in many different ways. The only limit is your imagination!

Take a look at our YouTube playlist which showcases some of our most popular designs, and check out our ‘Top Tips for Using Stencils in your Journal’ blog post, for more helpful info!

Storage + Organisation

The Classic stencil can be stored in a number of ways:

  • Tuck your favourite designs inside your journal and use the tab as a page marker!
  • Select “punched for 6-ring folder” when purchasing, and store in our Storage Folder.
  • Store your unpunched designs in our A5 Wallet or A5 Tin.
  • Use our organisation system to number and index your collection.

Our Top 3

Check out our Stencil Directory for a full list of all of our classic stencils.

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