7 Days of Self-Care – Day 5 – Lady Marmalade

Today’s Self-Care Activity Be a superstar! It’s time for you to perform! Choose a song that ALWAYS makes you want to move (this could be from your up-tempo playlist or something totally different). Now turn it up loud, put down your phone, grab a hairbrush microphone and sing and dance it out like a superstar!Continue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Day 5 – Lady Marmalade”

7 Days of Self-Care – Day 4 – Vogue

Today’s Self-Care Activity Strike a pose! Search through your wardrobe and pull out an item of clothing that makes you happy! Maybe something bright and colourful, or something you were saving for a special occasion! It doesn’t have to be the whole outfit, it could just be a scarf or a bright lipstick. Remember theContinue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Day 4 – Vogue”

7 Days of Self-Care – Day 3 – You Learn

Today’s Self-Care Activity Learn something new! It’s time to work out that grey matter! First pick a subject from our list below (or choose one of your own) and then do some research. Hop onto the internet, blow the dust off your encyclopaedia or, even better, visit your local library! Today’s Journaling Prompt Ten thingsContinue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Day 3 – You Learn”

Navigating the Video Archive!

We receive queries every day asking if we have tutorials for specific stencils, and if so where to find them. Since we started back in 2016, we have created over 500 stencils and made over 150 videos for our YouTube channel, so we thought it was about time we wrote a little guide to helpContinue reading “Navigating the Video Archive!”

7 Days of Self-Care – Day 2 – Pump It

Today’s Self-Care Activity Raise your heart rate! Today you are going to move your body and raise your heart rate! If you are not someone who enjoys exercise I know that this may fill you with a sense of dread. But TRUST ME, you will thank me afterwards. Remember, it’s just 30 minutes of yourContinue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Day 2 – Pump It”

7 Days of Self-Care – Day 1 – Flowers

Today’s Self-Care Activity Buy yourself flowers! For the first day of the challenge we are keeping the activity pretty simple! You don’t need to sit around waiting for someone else to buy you flowers. Channel your inner Miley and buy them yourself! If the budget doesn’t allow, get crafty and make yourself a bunch usingContinue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Day 1 – Flowers”

New Product Range – Take a Break!

This week is our first new product launch of 2023! The items will be live inside the VIP Priority Access Shop at 6pm on 23rd February! General sale will begin at 6pm on Friday 24th February. About the range: The ‘Take a Break’ range is all about self-care and grabbing 5 minutes of ‘me time’Continue reading “New Product Range – Take a Break!”

7 Days of Self-Care – Challenge Hub

Whoo hoo! Your’e in! We hope you are all excited to get stuck in with a week of self-care. THE LOWDOWN ON THE CHALLENGE: QUICK LINKS TO THE DAILY PROMPTS: How it will work? This post will act as our challenge hub. This is where you will find all the daily activities, prompts, and resources!Continue reading “7 Days of Self-Care – Challenge Hub”