12 Days of Summer – Day 9

Journal Colouring Cards

We included a set of journal cards in the ‘Spellbound’ box back in September last year, and they were such a hit we though we’d make some more!

These cute cards can be coloured in for a little bit of mindfulness, and then stuck into your journal to create patterns and decorate your spreads.

You could even use them as bookmarks or notecards – They are super versatile!

Day 9 – Create a Moroccan Tile Pattern!

Spend some time mindfully colouring your new journal cards. You can use our Marrakesh colour palette as a starting point, or create your own!

Once coloured, use them to create a Moroccan tile pattern in your journal.

Don’t forget to share your journal spreads in the dedicated 12 Days of Summer Facebook group (Password: magiccarpet)

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