12 Days of Summer – Day 7

Pom Pom Paperclips

We just love these adorable pom pom paperclips! The perfect accessory for marking important pages in your journal, keeping papers together, or as cute props to brighten up your journal photos!

Day 7 – Take a Flat Lay Photo!

As well as being super useful bookmarks, we think these pom pom paperclips are the perfect flat-lay accessory!

Take a photo of your journal with your three favourite journaling accessories and share it in the Facebook group!

If you’re not comfortable sharing a journal spread, just the cover of your journal is fine too!

Top Tips for Flat-Lay Photography:

  • Get your lighting right – You don’t need expensive kit, natural light works great!
  • Background – Does it detract from your picture or add to your aesthetic?
  • Add interest – Hands are great for this as they lead your eyes into the photo!

Check out some of our flat-lay photos below for inspiration!

Don’t forget to share your journal spreads in the dedicated 12 Days of Summer Facebook group (Password: magiccarpet)

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