12 Days of Summer – Day 5

Marrakesh Font Stencil (Lower Case)

We knew you would all want the full set of characters of this amazing font, so hopefully you will love today’s item!

It features all the lower case letters from a-z, plus the numbers 0-9 (and don’t forget the holes!), and matches the upper case stencil you received on day 1.

We are looking forward to seeing all the beautiful Moroccan-inspired headings and quote pages you create with it!

Day 5 – Design a Quote Page!

Now that you have both the upper and lower case font stencils, use them together to create a quote page, with your favourite quote about summer!

If you’re stuck for ideas:

  • “Every summer has a story”
  • “Tans fade, but memories last forever”
  • “Ocean air, salty hair”
  • “I need vitamin sea”

Don’t forget to share your journal spreads in the dedicated 12 Days of Summer Facebook group (Password: magiccarpet)

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