12 Days of Summer – Day 4

Scrapbook Paper & Tab Maker Pocket Stencil

We had a lot of requests for more journal tabs after the ‘Dream it. Plan it. Do it.’ Big One, and we wanted a way for you to be able to create tabs to suit any theme!

How to Use:

  • Use your tab maker stencil to draw an outline on the scrapbook paper.
  • Cut around the outline
  • Fold in half along the centre line
  • Stick to the edge of your journal page for easy navigation!

As well as creating tabs, the scrapbook paper can be used for decoration too!

Day 4 – Make Some Tabs!

Using the instructions above, create some tabs to help you navigate around your journal, or to mark important pages.

Why not make a tab to mark the goals spread you made for yesterday’s task, so you can easily refer back to it?

Don’t forget to share your journal spreads in the dedicated 12 Days of Summer Facebook group (Password: magiccarpet)

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