12 Days of Summer – Day 3

Moroccan Doors – Super Easy Stencil

Your new Super Easy stencil features 4 Moroccan-style door shapes. The top doors are slightly larger than the bottom two, so you can layer them to create doorframes ,which you can then colour and decorate.

Eight doors will fit across a standard A5 journal double page, so it’s perfect for creating a weekly spread!

How to Use:

  • Trace the larger, top doors first
  • Move the stencil to line the smaller doors up inside the ones you’ve just drawn
  • Trace the smaller doors
  • Decorate the door edges with some Moroccan inspired colours and patterns!

Day 3 – Review & Set Some Goals!

It’s time to review your goals from the start of the year! (If you didn’t set any, then it’s a great time to set some for the second half of the year!

Draw 4 doors into your journal using the Super Easy stencil. Each door will represent a stage in the goal setting and reflection process.

Use the prompts below to fill in each door…

  1. Recap – What were your top 3 goals for 2022?
  2. Reflect – How are you doing with these goals? Have you achieved them? Do they still meet your needs?
  3. Revise – Set 3 goals for the second half of the year. These can be the same as your old ones, if they still work for you, or completely new if you want to start afresh!
  4. Realise – What do you need to do to achieve these goals?

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